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Code Differently

Whenever I look at existing code, an automatic reaction is “what would another way be and what would it look like?  Is there some appeal to that?”  This can often bring new ways to look at the overall and reduce the work.  But I always have to make sure the appeal isn’t just because it’s different.  Boy George already used that.

My Final Word on Frameworks

I would ask those who champion frameworks over some other methodology, to be open to the possibility that maybe they’ve encountered a lot of poorly designed non-framework applications.

There’s probably an unrealized consensus on the topic: people have said repeatedly in one way or another that a framework lets people do things easier or faster or there’s more people that can step in and be productive with it, as opposed to a custom-designed system.

It reminds me of the youTube I saw where the experienced telegraph operator gets his message through a couple seconds before the champion texter.

I won’t point out the implications, but they’re real, and bad.

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