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Powerful jQuery Shorthand to Move Data Into DOM

I realize this is basic, though not obvious, jQuery stuff, but it’s powerful in the amount of work that can be done.  One could devise a fairly elaborate convention to make rendering driven largely by the markup.  Assume some JSON object like

var myJson = { "name": "Grant", "age": "ancient", "position": "seated" };

and elements like

<p myns:field="name"></p>
<p myns:field="age"></p>
<p myns:field="position"></p>

With this jQuery call I can set the text of all the elements without any knowledge of the model’s contents.

    $('[myns\\:field]') .text(function(idx, txt) {
      return myJson [$(this) .attr ('myns:field')];

There’s a lot of potential; I’ll have to see if it’s worth it under varied scenarios.

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