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Data-driving the Asynchronous Mongoose Updates in my Node Code

This was the first experiment to be able to ask for a sequence or set of Mongoose updates.  I wanted to be able to set up dependency and independent updates.  First I dealt with the asynchronous updates.  There is no rollback mechanism or anything, and the operation stops as soon as any of the updates fails, but we don’t get a good response unless they all succeed.  The secret sauce for the asynchronous updates was using Underscore.js’s after() function.

 * Runs parallel, independent updates
var asyncUpdate = function (successMsg, updates, resp) {
  var good = _.after (updates.length, function (doc) { 
    resp (successMsg + " update successful", 200); 
  _.each (updates, function (arg, key, list) {
      .update (arg.where, arg.update) 
      .run (function (e, doc) {
        if (e)  
          resp (arg.model.modelName + " update error: " + util .inspect (e), 500); 
        else {
          console .log (arg.model.modelName + " update successful");

Then call it with an array of objects of update control information.

 asyncUpdate ('Totally updated', [ 
   { model: Foo,    update: { $set: { field1: 'value1' } },         where: { _id: id } },
   { model: Bar,    update: { $set: { 'array.$.boolthing': true} }, where: { '': id, 'array.boolthing': false } },
   { model: FooBar, update: { $set: { 'field': 'val'} },            where: { _id: id } }
 ], _.bind(r.send, r));

Obviously this isn’t very generic and it’s directly responding to HTTP calls in the wrong place, but it’s just an experiment. The net effect of this one is to stop if there’s an error, but to wait until all updates are successful to respond with success.

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