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The Terminator Scenario

Machines that can build more of themselves are here.  It is a revolutionary concept to have something that, to some degree, can output itself.  We saw that in code years ago.  But this is stuff you can hold in your hand.

In answer to the detractors who ask “does the world need more plastic crap?”, I wonder if in the long run, such a system would mean less overall manufactured plastics.  Sort of a just-in-time inventory like concept.  Wouldn’t there be less mass-produced plastic?  And the supply chain for raw materials could become more streamlined, resulting in more efficiencies.

Ponderable, at least.

One response to “The Terminator Scenario

  1. Keelan Foley March 13, 2012 at 10:51 am

    Machines have been building machines for years though?

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