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Populate a PHP Array in One Assignment

Imagine you are returning an array you need to populate with some values. This is typical:

    $myArray = array();
    $myArray['foo'] = $foo;
    $myArray['bar'] = $bar;

There are advantages to populating the array as a single assignment:

    $myArray = array(
        'foo' => $foo,
        'bar' => $bar

The separation of assignment statements from the initialization (and the initialization to an empty array might be many lines previous), allows for easier corruption of the entries in the array; code might be added later in between the original. People may add things to $myArray without documenting it. And just like Where to Declare, I’ll have to scan more code to determine the effect of making changes to $myArray. The second way shows the _entire_ value of $myArray being set at once, instead of parts of it. It presents a visual of the return structure and makes it harder for $myArray to go awry. I don’t have to look any further to see what $myArray is at that point.

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