Tech Is Hard

Credibility = Talent x Years of experience + Proven hardcore accomplishment

Bad: Staff Your Pilot Project with Seasoned Internal Veterans (only)

After all, they know the most about our business, right? Sorry. Keep in mind that when I say the following, I’m indicting decades of dysfunctional organizational behavior, not individuals: if you assign the people who gave you what you have now, you’re going to end up with a system that’s not too much different than what you’ve had. Just in a new language. While it’s great fun to use the project to learn a new technology, you need a consultant with real world experience on the team. Of course you want plenty of internal SMEs on the team, too, but don’t let how your company does things now influence the new too much. Remember, you’re writing something new to replace something old because it doesn’t satisfy your needs. Think ahead. Consider how much faster you’re going to learn if you can bypass most of the pitfalls and dead-ends with an expert’s guidance. You don’t have to know everything. We all learn fastest from a good teacher. Organizations should not ignore this common sense.

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