Tech Is Hard

Credibility = Talent x Years of experience + Proven hardcore accomplishment

About the “Redefinition” of Computer Terms

STOP!  You are trying to justify/rationalize a lack of understanding.  By doing so, the usefulness of the language is diminished.  Be clear on what OO and MVC are.  They are not defined by the Web or frameworks.

Let me illustrate.  What is an “apple”?  We all know, even though there are many, many different strains.  But still, the essence of apple, its apple-ness, distinguishes it from an orange.  The skin is different, the fruit is different.

Now let me redefine, since I am not clear on what makes an apple, an apple, much like the popularly misunderstood object-oriented and model-view-controller.  I place an orange and apple together, they’re both round fruit, so they are probably both apples.  My misunderstanding of the distinctions has caused me to mistakenly conflate the two items and lose important knowledge.  And I will proceed to make things like apple marmelade and orange pie, content that I’m using apples to make apple recipes.

The ability to draw correct distinctions and categorize correctly is in the top 5 traits of an excellent programmer.

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